Over the years, we've received a lot of great feedback from our clients, many of which are unique to the industries we specialize in. See how our firm has helped clients resolve their financial concerns and issues in the past, and how we will continue to do so moving forward.

Automotive Advertising Groups: “Craig took over our account in 2007 after concerns were identified with our prior accountant. Craig and his staff not only unwound and corrected several costly mistakes; they also made several suggestions, which ultimately saved the association a significant amount of money. In addition to the customary accounting and tax work, Craig also efficiently handled all administrative and executive services required when coordinating funds generated by over 200 dealers.

Craig is very attentive, courteous and professional, as is his entire staff. They are always available by phone or email at a moment's notice and always provide thorough analysis and explanation on any information requested. I find great comfort in knowing that the principal of an accounting firm takes a hands on approach with his clients and that is exactly what one should expect with Craig Morris & Co.”   TFG, Treasurer


“We have a group of about 80 dealers; it is not easy to satisfy a group this large. Craig Morris & Company has performed superbly over the years. Their ability to handle our funds as well as their detailed monthly reports and year-end summaries have always been handled in a most outstanding, professional manner.

They have been responsible for handling many difficult aspects of our business, and they have given us a good deal of "input" through the years. The choice we made of hiring Craig Morris & Company has proved to be an excellent one.”   CRR, President


Airline Services: “I have always felt he was the best auditor we ever had. He tried not to do just the required audit but to understand our business. At some of the airports we operate we have permits that require annual audits of our revenues and fees. Since 1985, we have used Craig's firm exclusively for these audits. In addition, his firm has performed various consulting services for us over the years.

Why do we use Craig Morris & Company when we could use the Big Five firm that does our annual audit?

It is not a question of price, even though his rates are competitive. It is because of Craig. He knows us and has worked with us for many years. He either does the work himself or closely supervises those that do. He and his staff work well with our people and are understanding of their other pressing responsibilities. Even more important are the values that Craig represents. There is no question of his technical ability, but that is not unique among CPAs. What is unique is his caring and integrity. You will always get the right job from Craig.”  PRP, Senior Advisor (former President)

Nonprofit College Foundation: “Throughout our relationship with you, our Foundation has benefited greatly from your deep understanding of our not-for-profit world. Of course, your advice and guidance proved valuable in helping us continuously monitor and improve our financial practices. Equally important, however, we experienced the depth of your understanding of the best practices for not-for-profits as you helped us prepare for what seemed to be the constantly shifting waters of federal regulation and reporting.

Professionally, I value greatly the education I received in working with you, both during our audit periods and when I would have questions throughout a given fiscal year. A relative novice in terms of not-for-profit financial management when we met in 2005, I feel much more comfortable today in regards to the fiscal practices and possibilities for our Foundation after having worked closely with you and your firm.”  MK, Executive Director

Nonprofit Retirement Community: “May I take this opportunity to THANK YOU for all that you have done to help us with our financial reporting. You truly lived up to all of our board's expectations and hopes. It was very helpful to them. Additionally, you did it in a very professional and sensitively responsible way that was supportive of all the hard work being done here.”  HB, President & CEO


Nonprofit Sports Foundation: “Without your professional assistance we would have had an extreme problem in closing 2000. Your staff allocated time to learn the new accounting software we had customized and installed at the Foundation. Additionally, your staff has been helpful in training our staff bookkeeper to handle certain tasks, how to think through certain transactions and how to resolve specific issues.

As the Foundation goes through another year-end closing, your help and that of your staff continues to be of tremendous value to the foundation. I know that if we have any stumbling blocks, you are there to assist us in maintaining accurate, current records. We look forward to another successful year working together.”  EJW, Director of Administrative Services/Human Resources


Personal Taxation: “During our first year with your service, we had the pleasure of receiving several thousand dollars in refunds from the Internal Revenues Service. This was made possible by the alert staff at Craig Morris and Company. We had made internal errors resulting in overpayments in our estimated tax cycles. The staff at Morris and Company discovered our error and we were able to retrieve the money through filing amended return claims. Otherwise, it would have resulted in a total loss.

During the past seven years, we have grown in strength and wisdom. Under your watchful eye concerning our overall tax problems. We are indeed the beneficiaries of your staffs work and we thank you again. We do not ever remember your not returning telephone calls or being late for scheduled appointments. We want you to know that we cherish our business relationship and the warm friendship that has developed over the years. The accurate quality of your work speaks for itself. The way you communicate to your clients through printed formats and a valued four page news letter published monthly which is full of good procedures, the latest from the government, and a paragraph for laughter, plus a good educational tool for the busy executive is of great importance to your clients.

Many thanks again for all you have done for us. We have seen accounting firms come and go in our time. We feel strongly and very confident that your organization will stay well into the future and continue to be a positive credit to the accounting profession.”  AD, Retired Executive