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Who We Are
We are a small, client-focused CPA firm.  We work with people every day to solve personal and business financial concerns.  We do this by satisfying unique needs, which we recognize through our close relationships and intimate knowledge of the clients we serve. Our size allows us to be versatile, efficient and effective in addressing a wide variety of financial problems, and the ability to cater our services to your unique situation.

How We Fill Client and Market Needs – Our Value Proposition

Our value discipline is one of customer intimacy. We focus on delivering not what the entire market wants but what specific customers want. We do not pursue one time transactions; we cultivate relationships. Our proposition to our clients is that we have excellent solutions for you and we provide all the support you need to achieve optimum results and/or value from whatever services you buy.

Why is this important?  The selection of a value discipline is a central act that shapes every subsequent plan and decision we make on your behalf.  It defines our organization, from our competencies to our culture. Our choice of a value discipline defines what we do and who we are.

This proposition is not for everyone.  But, if it seems right for you, we pledge that we will do all that we can to provide you with the best possible service.

We’d love to hear from you! If you wish to set up an appointment, or discuss your options with us, please feel free to reach us at (516)-681-1121


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